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GAMMA shock absorbers for the suspension of flight control and communication equipment

The accuracy of the data, the speed with which it is communicated and the way it is used are key factors in equipment safety. That’s why we provide effective protection for on-board or stationary computers and communications equipment.

Gamma damping systems for insulation of control and monitoring devices as well as communication systems

The increasingly precise management of aircraft engine operation, automation and the growing quest for autonomy in moving, are the vectors for the multiplication and diversification of these on-board or stationary systems.


The solutions developed by GAMMA are renowned for providing maximum attenuation over a wide range of uses, as well as optimised protection of suspended equipment in an often severe shock and vibration environment.

These aeronautical developments have led to a wide range of applications, such as the suspension of:

  • FADEC systems for new-generation LEAP engines,
  • Engine ignition systems, 
  • Driving assistance systems, 
  • Speed controllers, 
  • On-board transceivers, 
  • Radio communications,
  • Mobile batteries in the battlefield
  • Detectors and video recorders, 
  • Entertainment equipment, 
  • Radar stations, 
  • Telemetry racks 
  • Helicopter instrument panels,


Since 1948, GAMMA has developed products based on the combination of the physical and chemical characteristics of elastomer mixtures and the deformation characteristics of any component. This combination makes it possible to increase the lifespan of products by dissipating energy in various forms other than heating.

These technologies are unique to GAMMA and have contributed to its success in the defence industry. GAMMA has been able to extend their applications to many other sectors of activity, for which we have developed numerous solutions for a very wide range of loads, from a few dozen grams to several hundred kilos.

A large proportion of our shock absorbers are of failsafe design and construction. This is why they keep the system suspended from the structure in the event of a crash that destroys the elastic elements. GAMMA has also developed a range of elastomer-metal products for cushioning severe shocks that require large displacement capacities in a small footprint. To meet these same needs, GAMMA also offers wire rope shock absorbers specifically designed to attenuate these extreme stresses.

GAMMA is well aware that the environments in which on-board equipment is used are often extreme. This is why it is necessary to use elastomers that are resistant to fuels and other aggressive fluids, such as fluoro-silicones, which – despite their lower glass transition temperature – thanks to their special design can operate well at temperatures as low as -63°C at peak.

The conditions of use in an extreme environmental context lead GAMMA to select and recommend to its customers mechanical materials with very high resistance to corrosion, fatigue and the resulting mechanical stresses.

Accelerated ageing and mechanical endurance tests enable GAMMA’s experts to capitalise on their knowledge and feedback to raise the level of expertise of the products they develop. As a result, GAMMA shock absorbers are operational for several tens of thousands of hours, and can be stored for more than 15 years.

It should also be noted that GAMMA offers its customers both standard solutions and products derived from them. This is why we are able to offer adjustments to stiffness or interface dimensions. We also respond to other specifications, such as the need for suspensions on increasingly light and small equipment.

Our performance is guaranteed by our referencing of several hundred different design developments and by the reliability and repeatability of our production resources. These qualities are complemented by GAMMA’s global commercial interactivity, know-how and responsiveness, which are often necessary for a rapid resolution of the technical problems encountered.

GAMMA Design and manufacture high added value shock absorbers


GAMMA benefits from strong synergies with EFFBE France’s membrane design and manufacturing business. These enable us to develop innovative solutions, for example by combining elastomers and technical fabrics. They also enable us to resolve questions of thermal or electrical conductivity in certain applications.

These innovative solutions and GAMMA’s Research & Development activity are helping to provide a relevant response to changes in propulsion methods. These will have a definite impact on the mechanical environment by modifying stress levels and disturbance frequency bands. In such cases, it will no longer be systematically possible to protect the equipment with conventional shock absorbers.

In this case, it will be necessary to use elements that dissipate the energy by means of mechanical absorbers called Tuned Mass Shock absorber, an interesting alternative according to GAMMA.

Another area of work in Research & Development is the integration of fatigue indicators to facilitate preventive maintenance on our customers’ equipment.

Thanks to hi research and development activity GAMMA design innovative products